Tuesday, 24 January 2012


who doesnt love snacks! That too home made ones.. i just love the snacks and sweets that are prepared in our home. . Miss those 'tasty tasty' murukku, sirma laddu, and many other snacks prepared in home. In such desperate day when i wanted to try any snack, Thattai  was the one which flashed in to my mind.
Its very very easy and simple to prepare.

All you need is:

1.Rice flour - 2 cups
2.Urad dhal fluor - 1/4 cup
3.Oil to fry
3.Red chilly pepper - 2 to 3
4.Fennel seeds - 2
5.Salt for taste
6.Water to make dough
7.Red chilly powder as per your taste
8.Chana dhal soaked in water for 15 mins.

Do it this way:

  • Fry urad dhal in a dry pan for some time and powder it along with fennel seeds and red chilly pepper in a mixie. 
  • Mix the above flour with rice flour
  • Add soaked chana dhal, salt, red chilly powder and water
  • Make it to a dough consistency. Add little water so you are able to make round thin patties with the dough. 
  • Fry it in oil and remove the excess oil with the help of a tissue.
  • you can keep this for 3 days in store. it will be very crispy too!

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