Wednesday, 25 July 2012

How to peel the garlic!

Easy way to peel the skin of the garlic!!
I know how difficult is to peel the skin of garlic when we need them in every recipe!! kind of a boring process when we dont prefer for ready made ginger garlic paste thats available in stores... :) For me, the home made ginger garlic paste only works as its fresh and the aroma from it totally differs from the store ones.. 

  • I usually grate the ginger and garlic instead of grinding as i have to wash the big jar of the mixie for which i am so lazy to do!! So the best way is to grate and use instantly!!
  • It is very difficult to peel the skin of the garlic and i do it by 2 ways. one is soaking the garlic in hot water for 4 mins and then it becomes easy to peel the skin of the garlic. The other one is to microwave the garlic for 30 sec which will make the garlic cooked as well we can easily remove the skin!! 
Hope these tips will help you guys!! :)

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  1. Great tip! What I do is smash the garlic cloves with the side of a butter knife and the skin comes off. I'll try your method when I need more than just a few cloves.


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